Prints, Jeans, and All the in Between

Hello everyone, my name is Emma.

While trying to put this website together for a few months now, I realized the biggest part I’ve been avoiding was writing this bio. There is something very bizarre about sitting down to write about myself, and really attempting to define what I’m trying to accomplish through this website and venture. Defining who I am should not be difficult though, so I am going to try my best to do that first. 


So some context, I am currently a senior at Babson College, a recently retired collegiate soccer player, a dancer, a fashionista, a yogi, an over the top dog lover, a foodie, and an artist. The artist is the title I’m most unsure about defining myself as, but I am continuing to find myself focusing my energy on creating, whether it be on canvas or clothes. With my soon to be college graduation sneaking up and getting ready to enter this next big chapter of my life, I have been more and more motivated to channel my efforts toward design, and to keep expressing myself through art and my passion for fashion. 

So whatever it may be titled, I have created this space to express my creative energy and my work, and hopefully at the very least encourage someone else to sit down and think a little harder about what drives them and really defines who they are.

Thank you again for your time and support, and I hope you enjoy my happy space and continue to follow along this journey.


Located out of Boston and New York

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